Currently in Kigali, Rwanda.

Working with Moucecore. http://moucecore.awardspace.com/

Forgive the posts’ flaws or shortcomings and know that I am likely profoundly aware of them.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Josh, If you see this tonight or tomorrow, can you send me a few lines on the difference the tree nursery is making to the lives of the community and to Theopiste. This is for a potential Scottish press release.

  2. Hi Josh – hope all is going well with you. Can hardly believe so much time has passed already. Laura and I think of you a lot and hope that you are enjoying being in Rwanda and finding your time there a real blessing. I am sure it will be. I have always enjoyed our visits to Africa and found them rewarding. I hope you get this short message as I am not very up-to-date in the use of bloggs. I do not have any exciting news for you from here as no doubt you hear church news from friends and family. Hopefully you will be given the opportunity to speak to the church family about your work once you are back or to the Global Focus group or indeed both. Just wanted you to know that you are much in my prayers. Take care and God continue to richly bless you. Yours Roderick and Laura

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