‘A First Attempt at Blogging’ or ‘I am here’

“ICS Tearfund- Moucecore House Rules
4. Remind Josh to contact his parents.”

Apologies if (/for when) this descends into a rather bland narrative; I’m not sure how much I have to say but I feel obligated to blog at this point to reassure my mum that I am still alive and well etc so feel free to blame her for any shortcomings that this post may have. 

I’m writing this from a guesthouse in Muhanga. The group of 10 that are working with RDIS will be living just along the road for the next 10 weeks. The 4 of us that are working with Moucecore are staying here for the week long orientation and then heading to Kigali for the rest of our time here. It is a beautiful area. If the journey from the airport is anything to go by, that doesn’t seem something peculiar to this part of Rwanda. We had the opportunity to visit the market place and were trailed by three boys in the hope that we’d give them money, having to say no in situations like that- even when they just want your empty plastic bottle- will get more difficult. 

The first few days of orientation have been pretty full-on. Despite the amount of information being thrown at us, I do feel as if something is going in. Tearfund’s in country co-ordinator, Joan -who is leading the sessions- has made sure that we have had enough time to digest what we’re learning/watch Mean Girls. 
In the coming days we will finish our orientation with RDIS and will travel to Kigali, visit DfID and the genocide memorial and then be dropped off at Moucecore. We’re all looking forward to getting to Moucecore, finding out what we’ll be doing and being able to unpack properly. 

Sorry for the brevity but know that I am very well and appreciate your prayers. The internet shall be more readily available when we get into Kigali so shall be popping up more. 


Prayer requests-
– That we continue to bond as a team 
– That we get the most out of the next few days of orientation 
– That we get on with the Moucecore staff, that we settle in quickly and that we are inspired by the work that we will be involved in (shouldn’t be too tricky, everything that I’ve heard and read about them has been pretty exciting). 
– That God speaks to us
– That I don’t start too many arguments


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